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WELCOME TO Bronzage Corp.

        Welcome to the world of Bronzage Corp., a signature line of light weight, award-winning statues and home décor. We are delighted to introduce our products to you and wish you many years of success selling our line. As a manufacturer and importer of a new generation of statures and distinctive home décor, our beautiful, wholesales line will generate fast retail profits to you. Each piece shows the dedication to art sculpted in motion. There is calm, soothing effect when viewing each one of these delicate, lightweight sculptures. And lightweight means less freight to you.




Quality Classic Line

        Most of our products on this website are results of poly-resin fine cast. Our residence artists devoted years of their best experience, designing and carving the prototypes to their perfection. The award winning technology of dual level electroplating is still the best kept secret in town, adding highest standard of finish on each and every piece of our products. The quality finish from gold, silver, ancient bronze, brass, copper, to multi-alloy and other kinds of metal materials shows charm and beauty, value and style of new aesthetic trend. Our goal is to deliver a lightweight solid metal sculpture to a less fragile, more luxurious, price affordable level. We can also meet our customer’s needs for personal customizations, such as awards and trophies, with designs and colors that solid brass could not accommodate.



        We are committed to our customers by providing excellent products, fair prices and honest transactions. Supporting customers beyond their expectations is the primary philosophy guiding business decisions at Bronzage Corp. The Bronzage Corp. staff is well-organized and efficient, professional and focused on personal customer service. We pride ourselves on our low retail price points, high-quality items and attention to details. Our primary focus is offering one of a kind, lightweight items that distinctly show off the consumers interests and results in fast retail sales in all gift shops, garden stores, clock shops, trophy and awards stores, drug chains, department stores, hotels, and Hallmark Shops. Our attractive and unique selection of themes and designs will result in the consumer returning to purchase from you again and again.



        Today, everyone’s life is fast paced and consumers are searching for items that are happy, fun, fanciful and express their interests, hobbies, and careers. All of our products offer stunning, creative and clever ways to make your own personal or corporate award statements, either at retail or at home. Bronzage Corp’s success has been built upon a commitment to high design, trend, and total customer satisfaction. We are continually developing new ideas and striving to improve our product lines. Our goal is to continually introduce new lines to keep up with the changing needs of our customers while maintaining the highest level of quality and customer service. Retail boxes with four color photos, brief title and descriptions will attack the consumers on a visual level within the first 5 seconds at the retail level.



        The Wall Street Journal Newspaper carried a report in October 2000 recommending stockbrokers tell their investors to invest in companies who make products to help consumers, relax and escape from the daily stresses of life, while recognizing the hobbies and success stories of the individual.

As reported, this has been the buying trend for the past 5 decades:

The 50’s – Decade was known as the Toy Decade. Everyone was spending  money on toys for their newborns. 

The 60’s – Decade was known as the Car Decade. Everyone was spending money on a new car. Remember the 1960’s Mustang and how fast that sold to everyone? 

The 70’s – Decade was known as the Real Estate Decade. Everyone was buying their first home, condo or their second home. New homes and condos were springing up everywhere. 

The 80’s – Decade was known as the Decadent 80’s. The sexual revolution, brand label clothing, Jordache Jeans, discos and living outside your means were the trend. 

The 90’s – Decade was known as the Financial Decade. All of us are wondering how to pay for the 80’s. People started planning for their financial portfolios.



The New Millennium Buying Trends 

        The first ten years of the new millennium people will seek to enrich their homes and lives with elegance and beauty. People are in a “Cocooning” mode, staying home and continuously striving to create a more comfortable, stylishly decorated home. More and more, people are starting to truly appreciate what they have, focusing on their health, welfare, and surroundings. Bronzage Corp. will meet the current buying trend by providing affordable product to do just that. 

        You can feel confident that selling the Bronzage Corp. line of product will be keeping with the current buying trend of the new millennium.

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